Haute Note’s Dog Days Of Summer Sale

Haute Note’s Annual Summer Sale

Haute Note's Annual Summer Sale!  It's August. The Dog Days of Summer... So, starting today, until the end of August, we're offering 25% off all Signature Cards and Classic Notes.  Just use COUPON CODE: WOOF25 - HauteNote.com

It’s August.  The Dog Days of Summer*…
So, starting today, until the end of August,
we’re offering 25% off all Signature Cards and Classic Notes.


Now’s the time to stock up on your stash of personal stationery, think about gifts, or organize your invitations for that fabulous upcoming event! 

Click HERE to go to our website, to see the selection of cards!

* While we acknowledge that this time of year is called “The Dog Days of Summer”… our cats would like us to remind you that the Dog Days of Summer was a phrase originally coined to talk about the 20 days before, and 20 days after, the conjunction of Sirius (the Dog Star) and the Sun… and therefore should not be used in this instance.  We over-ruled them. (Even though we were very impressed by their astrological knowledge!)  And it should be noted, that while this may or may not be the Dog Days of Summer… according to our Haute Note “assistants”, it is ALWAYS the Cat Days… Spring, Summer Winter and Fall!




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Pretty Postal Floral Swap

Who doesn’t love to get a pretty piece of mail in amongst the ho hum bills, flyers and various other junk mail that clutter your mailbox?  I know I do!  There never seems to be anything GOOD in there!

Obviously, Haute Note is all about the handwritten, personal note.  The ORIGINAL “Social Media”!  So when we heard about a Pretty Postal Floral Mail Swap, we knew we were participating, for sure!

Why don’t you join us? You too, can receive some beautiful mail!

Pretty Postal Floral Swap - HauteNoteCards.comHow you ask?

Sign up for the Pretty Postal Floral Swap. You will be matched with 3 to 5 people, possibly from anywhere in the world. You will send them some beautiful mail, and in return, you will receive some! There’s only two more days to sign up, as registration closes on Sunday, May 15th.

So embrace your love of snail mail, put on your Crafty Hat and create some beautiful mail!

For all the details and guidelines, go to www.prettypostal.ca

Who knows, we might even get matched up with you!




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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is still a few days away… but weekends are hectic times, and we wanted to take a moment… find a few pictures from “back in the day”… and share them.

That is, after all, the purpose of Mother’s Day.

To say “Thank you” for everything.

Because, despite how cute and adorable and innocent we look in these pictures… every kid causes their Mom (or Mum) at some point, to stop… take a deep breath… wipe their hand across a furrowed brow… and internally count to ten.

And, whether the Moms are across the table, or across the Country…

Whether you can give her a hug, or just hold her in your heart…

Happy Mother’s Day!

June & Lorie - Haute Note Mother's Day - HauteNoteCards.com  Joy & Bob - 1963 - Haute Note Mother's Day - HauteNoteCards.com





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Haute Note’s Spring Sale Continues

Haute Note's 2016 Spring Sale Continues Until April 28th - HauteNoteCards.com

Haute Note’s Spring Sale Continues!

One more week to receive a 25% discount.
A few more days to organize a Mother’s Day or Teacher’s gift. 
A great shower gift for a new bride-to-be, a thank you gift for the hostess who has everything, or stock up on your own stationery supply!

Until April 28th, use coupon codeSPRING25′ to save 25% off your Haute Note order.

We’ll also throw in a little something extra with every purchase!


Send someone a handwritten note — a wonderful surprise, waiting to be found amongst the bills and junk mail!

Visit our SALE page, for some really great savings! 



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April Is Letter Writing Month

When is the best time to send a personal note to someone?


But especially this month – April is National Card and Letter Writing Month.

We encourage our friends, family and customers to send a handwritten note to someone – a little unexpected surprise to be found amongst their bills and junk mail.

So why not send someone a note today?

It’s the ORIGINAL social media!

April Is Letter Writing Month - Haute Note - HauteNoteCards.com



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