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Haute Note Holiday Sale

‘Tis the Season… for the Haute Note Holiday Sale! The holidays are just around the corner. Falling leaves turn into falling snow… Time for relaxing with a soothing cup of cocoa or a warming hot toddy… And sending out holiday greetings to your friends and loved ones. Or perhaps you’re looking for a perfect hostess… Continue Reading

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Everyone Loves Snail Mail

Everyone loves to find a surprise in their mailbox. Whether it is a note from a friend… a letter from family overseas… a “for no reason at all” card… or, just a random act of kindness from a stranger! (Click HERE to read a previous post about Postal Swaps) Even our Garden Fairies like to… Continue Reading

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Pretty Postal Floral Swap

Who doesn’t love to get a pretty piece of mail in amongst the ho hum bills, flyers and various other junk mail that clutter your mailbox?  I know I do!  There never seems to be anything GOOD in there! Obviously, Haute Note is all about the handwritten, personal note.  The ORIGINAL “Social Media”!  So when… Continue Reading

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is still a few days away… but weekends are hectic times, and we wanted to take a moment… find a few pictures from “back in the day”… and share them. That is, after all, the purpose of Mother’s Day. To say “Thank you” for everything. Because, despite how cute and adorable and innocent… Continue Reading

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April Is Letter Writing Month

When is the best time to send a personal note to someone? Anytime! But especially this month – April is National Card and Letter Writing Month. We encourage our friends, family and customers to send a handwritten note to someone – a little unexpected surprise to be found amongst their bills and junk mail. So… Continue Reading

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