Quite A Year

Oh dear, this has been quite a year!

It is definitely one for the history books.  Who would have thought, back in March, that we would now  be in a worse situation than ever, and missing the human touch and interaction with our friends and loved ones.

This year has been like none other, and Christmas will be very different for everyone.  Family and friends are under strict orders not to gather outside their immediate households.

Now, more than ever, is the time to let people know you are thinking of them this season, with a personal handwritten expression of caring.

Receiving a note or card in the mail right now, might be the only bright spot in their day! 

Emails are fine, but it doesn’t match a tangible card that can be displayed on the mantle and enjoyed all season, instead of a one-time glance on a computer screen to be forgotten not soon after. 

So, buy a box of cards, or get creative with the kids and make some.  Put pen to paper, and let people know you are thinking of them.  Let’s get through this together.    

From us, to you, all the best for a happy, and healthy, 2021!




Hugs By Mail – A Haute Note Sale

Hugs By Mail

In the last few months, the world has been thrown into disarray, turned upside-down.
A lot of us are lonely and missing contact with family and friends.
Others are putting themselves in danger, to care for the most vulnerable, to feed people, to help others.

Please Be SAFE!

Now, more than ever, people need human contact.  If it can’t be a physical hug, perhaps a hug in the mail is the next best thing. Let someone know you’re thinking of them. Cheer them up with a lovely memory, or just a few kind words of encouragement. Just reach out.

Send a card of thanks to a nurse or doctor you might know, leave a note of thanks on your garbage can for the workers who pick up your garbage every week. Hand your favourite cashier a heartfelt thanks for helping to feed your family…

Who doesn’t love receiving something special in the mail? An unexpected note. A cheerful message. Something to display on your desk or the mantle.

We’d like to help you spread some cheer to your family and friends, and offer 50% off our Signature Cards and Classic Notes.*

* (Photo Cards and Classic Flats are not available at this time, and are not on sale, as they are printed “on demand” at a local print shop which is currently operating as a printer under the Essential Services Act of BC… and, as important as writing notes is, our greeting card business does not qualify as essential.)

Use Coupon Code ‘HUGS’ at checkout, to receive 50% off your order.

To all our customers and your families, our friends… we hope you are well, and stay safe.

We hope our world returns to normal soon.

In the meantime, we hope you might find some happy mail in your mail box, too!

Take care,

Lorie & Bob


An Uncertain Time

Hello friends and customers. 

In this challenging and uncertain time, we thought we would just reach out and say hello, and let you know that we are still here to fill your orders on most of our cards. 

All our Signature Cards and Classic Notes – that is, our card styles that are folded – are stocked in-house and ready and waiting to be personalized in any way you like. 

Our flat card styles are printed at an outside printing facility and are therefore subject to their decision on whether they continue to stay open.  Currently they are still in production, but should that change, that would, of course, impact our ability to deliver that style of cards in our usual timely manner. 

Now more than ever, while we are forced to social distance ourselves, it present a great opportunity to take a few moments, write a few cards and letters, and send them off!  We can all use a hug sent through the mail! 

Please be well and keep safe.


Envelope & Heart - Haute Note - HauteNoteCards.com

Christmas Card Collective

Haute Note has just donated 200 Christmas cards to The Christmas Card Collective, and we’d like to tell you a little about Erin Schulte and her Collective.  When we heard about it, we just couldn’t jump fast enough to be part if it!

The Christmas Cards that Haute Note is donating to The Christmas Card Collective - HauteNotecards.com

It all began three years ago when Erin started writing Christmas cards for the homeless, distributing over 300 cards on her own with the help of family and friends.

The next year, it grew to a few thousand.

And now, THIS year – her goal is 10,000!  AMAZING! 

We first heard about her on Global TV… https://globalnews.ca/news/6179936/north-delta-christmas-card-collective-canadian-us-shelters/ …and then found the Christmas Card Collective on Facebook… (link below).  We encourage YOU to check it out too!  This year is a pretty huge undertaking.  But it looks like she’s well on her way, by enlisting the help of school children, sports organizations, church groups – anyone that wants to help!


Time is of the essence!  If you’d like to be part of this heart-warming initiative, grab or make some Christmas cards, and fill them with warm greetings, positive thoughts and uplifting messages.  They will be placed on the beds of clients at Homeless Shelters and Youth Shelters in Surrey, Alberta, Toronto, Seattle and LA.  Sadly, these cards may be the only thing they receive at Christmas. 

Send your cards to:

The Christmas Card Collective
/8348 – 111A Street
Delta, BC
V4C 4S4. 

(Please leave the envelopes unsealed, just so they can be sure 100% of the messages are kind, and in the spirit of Christmas.)