A Pinteresting Revelation

I had an ah-ha! moment this week. It’s taken me over two years of pinning to put two and two together. But it finally hit me – Why I am SO obsessed with Pinterest? It’s in my DNA.

Well, I knew one of the reasons. I have always been a “visual” person. I learn better by seeing something or watching something, then by reading instructions, or being told how to do it. That is Reason No. 1 why Pinterest is so appealing to me.

Pinterest Board | Haute Note Blog | HauteNoteCards.comI also like to share creative things I’ve seen, or clever things people have done, with anyone who might be interested. Obvious Reason No. 2

But the real ah-ha! moment – I realized this week, that I have been “pinning” all my life. Long before Pinterest and even longer, before the world wide web!

Since my teens, I have always ripped pages out of magazines. Recipes, craft ideas, decorating ideas, household hints. You name it. I have folders of pages ripped from magazines over the years. I am even organized enough to have them categorized. I love to craft. I love to cook and entertain – even before I’d ever heard of Martha Stewart!

The past few weeks I have been purging shelves and shelves of decorating, craft and recipe magazines. But before I was willing to part with them, I had to flip through each and every one, and rip out any pages that I might want to keep.

Wow. That’s when it hit me. I AM an original, old-school “pinner”! I have never physically pinned them to a bulletin board (I’d need a whole ROOM covered in bulletin board for that!) But the concept is exactly the same – a collection of visual items, that I can reference whenever I need them or share with someone else.

Whoever invented Pinterest – invented it just for me!blog pic-gift tear sheet

I just love looking through all the clever things people have done with a tin can. Or how to pick the sweetest green pepper. Creative Gift Wrapping. How to fold a fitted sheet. Or how to gelli print – the latest crafty craze. I’m already planning baby and wedding showers for my four nieces, even though none of them are even in a serious relationship yet!

Will I ever get rid of my folders of magazine clippings? Probably not. But being able to keep all my “clippings” electronically now, means we won’t have to add another room to the house! The only drawback? I’m not getting enough sleep anymore. I just don’t want to miss anything! Next thing you know, three hours have flown by! I’d say that Pinterest to me, is the equivalent of XBox to my husband. Except no one gets hurt. Except maybe a little cramping in the wrist….

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