Almost Wordless Wednesday – Pink Shirt Day

Don’t know that it completely makes sense to combine Pink Shirt Day and Wordless Wednesday… as the point is to “speak out” against online and real-life bullying, and speaking up for those who are bullied… whether it is at school… in a workplace… around a neighbourhood… or online…  But the point is that bullying must be identified, and stopped !

Today, we are wearing pink to lend our voices (and our shirts) to bring awareness, and to remind ourselves and others that we need to “do better” in stopping and calling out bullies.

Pink Shirt Day 2014 | Haute Note Blog | Haute Note Cards

Lorie and I are wearing our pink shirts *, and apparently Bailey wanted to support Pink Shirt Day as well, because he climbed into his momma’s pink slippers.

Pink Shirt Day 2014 | Haute Note Blog | Haute Note Cards

You can find out more about how you can become involved and ways to help stop bullying, on the Pink Shirt Day website:

*  Not everyone in the photos was entirely happy with posting “selfies”… but no bullying was involved !!!

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