An Uncertain Time

Hello friends and customers. 

In this challenging and uncertain time, we thought we would just reach out and say hello, and let you know that we are still here to fill your orders on most of our cards. 

All our Signature Cards and Classic Notes – that is, our card styles that are folded – are stocked in-house and ready and waiting to be personalized in any way you like. 

Our flat card styles are printed at an outside printing facility and are therefore subject to their decision on whether they continue to stay open.  Currently they are still in production, but should that change, that would, of course, impact our ability to deliver that style of cards in our usual timely manner. 

Now more than ever, while we are forced to social distance ourselves, it present a great opportunity to take a few moments, write a few cards and letters, and send them off!  We can all use a hug sent through the mail! 

Please be well and keep safe.


Envelope & Heart - Haute Note -

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