Everyone Loves Snail Mail

Everyone loves to find a surprise in their mailbox.

Whether it is a note from a friend…

a letter from family overseas…

a “for no reason at all” card…

or, just a random act of kindness from a stranger!

(Click HERE to read a previous post about Postal Swaps)

Even our Garden Fairies like to get mail…

(And their mail is delivered by actual snails!)

Garden Fairy Doors - Fairy Door - Snail Mail - HauteNoteCards.com

(If you don’t yet know the story of our Garden Fairy Doors business, and would like to know the story behind how we got started, please click HERE!)

Why not send someone a surprise, today?

Everyone loves Snail Mail!




Pretty Postal Floral Swap

Who doesn’t love to get a pretty piece of mail in amongst the ho hum bills, flyers and various other junk mail that clutter your mailbox?  I know I do!  There never seems to be anything GOOD in there!

Obviously, Haute Note is all about the handwritten, personal note.  The ORIGINAL “Social Media”!  So when we heard about a Pretty Postal Floral Mail Swap, we knew we were participating, for sure!

Why don’t you join us? You too, can receive some beautiful mail!

Pretty Postal Floral Swap - HauteNoteCards.comHow you ask?

Sign up for the Pretty Postal Floral Swap. You will be matched with 3 to 5 people, possibly from anywhere in the world. You will send them some beautiful mail, and in return, you will receive some! There’s only two more days to sign up, as registration closes on Sunday, May 15th.

So embrace your love of snail mail, put on your Crafty Hat and create some beautiful mail!

For all the details and guidelines, go to www.prettypostal.ca

Who knows, we might even get matched up with you!




Wacky Summer Sale

Wacky Summer Sale - Save 27% off your order, until August 9th

Did you know July 27th is ‘Take Your Pants for a Walk’ Day?
We didn’t either!
The only thing you need to do – is walk outside, and have your pants with you!
Talk about wacky!
Well, we’re feeling a little wacky today, too!
So, we’re having a Summer Sale, to save you 27% OFF your order.

Why 27% OFF??? Well……. why not!?!

Until August 9th, use coupon code:
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Now’s a great time to stock up on your stash of personalized cards and stationery, think about gifts, or organize your invitations for that fabulous upcoming event!  OR, if you’re feeling wacky TOO – think about getting your Christmas cards organized in July!

To give you some inspiration, we’ve created a Haute Note LookBook, with ideas and suggestions for personalizing notes, cards & invitations. Check it out!

Visit our SALE page, for some even greater savings!  (Sale items are eligible for the discount, too!)

Want to start shopping?  Click here to go to our site.

Hope you are all having a spectacular summer!

(By the way… July 27th is ALSO ‘Barbie in a Blender’ Day. That’s not wacky… that’s just mean!)


29 Years

Lorie and I just celebrated our 29th Anniversary.

Here is a photo, from our wedding day, in July 1986.

Lorie and Bob's wedding photo - Still Crazy After All These Years, indeed! - HauteNoteCards.com

They say a picture paints a thousand words… I think this gives pretty good insight into our personalities.

We are indeed, “Still Crazy After All These Years!”

Have a great day!

L & B


Magical Mail

In our back yard, we have welcomed some enchanting neighbours.  We’re fairly sure it’s fairies.

They’ve taken up residence in one of our planters, with a coffee pot home, a wishing well, and a tree fort.

We were MOST excited to see that even magical creatures are a fan of handwritten correspondence!  See the little letters in their mail box?  Perhaps a note from a Gnome back home?  A letter from a Leprechaun?  A postcard from a Pixie?  We can only wonder if snails actually deliver the ‘Snail Mail’!?!

Fairy Post | Garden Fairies | HauteNoteCards.com

Hope you are having an awesome Summer!