Quite A Year

Oh dear, this has been quite a year!

It is definitely one for the history books.  Who would have thought, back in March, that we would now  be in a worse situation than ever, and missing the human touch and interaction with our friends and loved ones.

This year has been like none other, and Christmas will be very different for everyone.  Family and friends are under strict orders not to gather outside their immediate households.

Now, more than ever, is the time to let people know you are thinking of them this season, with a personal handwritten expression of caring.

Receiving a note or card in the mail right now, might be the only bright spot in their day! 

Emails are fine, but it doesn’t match a tangible card that can be displayed on the mantle and enjoyed all season, instead of a one-time glance on a computer screen to be forgotten not soon after. 

So, buy a box of cards, or get creative with the kids and make some.  Put pen to paper, and let people know you are thinking of them.  Let’s get through this together.    

From us, to you, all the best for a happy, and healthy, 2021!




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