Spring Cleaning

With all apologies to our Eastern friends, who are working hard to keep the snow from overwhelming them…

Here on the West Coast, it has been a mild winter, and we’re enjoying a couple of gorgeous Spring-like days…

So… here at Haute Note, we thought we’d do a little early Spring Cleaning!

live_tool_tool Haute Note Cards - Biking, Spring Activity, Spring Card, Party Invite, Birthday Invitation - HauteNote.com
Haute Note Cards - Cat cards, Kitty cards, Cat family, Cat Birthday invitations, Kitty Party Invitations - HauteNote.com Haute Note Cards - Princess card, Birthday card, Birthday invitation, Birthday party invitation, Princess birthday party invitation - HauteNote.com
Haute Note - Chandelier, Party invitation, Gala invitation, Soiree Card - HauteNote.com Haute Note Cards - Love Knots, Love Knot - HauteNote.com

These are just a few of over 50 different card designs and styles, that are currently on special for Haute Note Spring Cleaning.

You can check them all out at: http://www.hautenote.com/sale.html 


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