Dhana Metta Rescue Society

This week, one of our wonderful customers purchased cards from our ‘Best Friend’ series, for the Dhana Metta Rescue Society… a great organization!

Best Friend Cards - Dhana Metta Rescue Society | Haute Note Blog | HauteNoteCards.com  

Located in Surrey, BC, the Dhana Metta Rescue Society, is an animal
rescue organization dedicated to helping abused, neglected, special needs
and senior dogs and cats.

They are also focused on educating the public about:

  • The importance of proper training and care of domestic pets.
  • How we can all help prevent pet over population by spaying and neutering
  • The negative effects of puppy/cat mills and back yard breeders
  • How working together can make a change in the regulations & laws regarding animal cruelty

To find out more about this very worthy organization, and how you can help, please go to their website: http://www.dhanamettarescuesociety.org

Dhana Metta Rescue Society - Founded in 2007 | DMRS | Surrey, BC

…in 2018, after 10 years, they have re-formed under the name Lower Mainland Humane Society.  You can find more information about the transformation, here: http://www.dhanamettarescuesociety.org/lower-mainland-humane-society/

…or you can watch the ‘Shaw TV’ video about this wonderful organization: