April Is Letter Writing Month

When is the best time to send a personal note to someone?


But especially this month – April is National Card and Letter Writing Month.

We encourage our friends, family and customers to send a handwritten note to someone – a little unexpected surprise to be found amongst their bills and junk mail.

So why not send someone a note today?

It’s the ORIGINAL social media!

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National Letter Writing Month

It’s April 1st, and “no fooling”, there’s another new month to “celebrate”!

You may not be aware of how important a month it is!

It is the National Month ofGardening… Straw Hats… Welding… Jazz Appreciation… Couple Appreciation… and…yes… Fresh Celery!

But more importantly, and more dear to OUR hearts, April 1st marks the beginning of National Letter Writing Month.

We know how exciting it is when WE get an unexpected note in the mail. In a digital age of emails and texts, nothing touches the heart more, than when someone puts pen to paper and takes the time to express themselves with a personal handwritten note.

National Letter Writing Month - HauteNote.com

Why not brighten someone’s day with an unexpected surprise in the mail?

  • Send a re-thank you note. Even if you’ve already thanked someone for a gift, send them a note saying you use their gift so much, you wanted to thank them again!
  • Write a note to a neighbour telling them how much you enjoy their lovely garden.
  • Send a letter from your pet to a friend’s pet!
  • Send an old photo you found with a note about the funny fashions or the experience it captures.
  • Or send them a note, just to mark an obscure holiday that there’s no commercial card for!

The possibilities are endless. And the enjoyment of the recipient is immeasurable.

Happy National Letter Writing Month!

National Letter Writing Month - HauteNote.com