Thank You Notes (With Thanks to Jimmy Fallon)

At Haute Note, we didn’t invent the ‘Thank You Note’… but we sell a lot of them.

In a time of tweeting, texting and emailing… it’s easy to forget that a handwritten note was the ORIGINAL ‘social’ media.

In that light, we feel it entirely appropriate, on this Friday, (with apologies* to The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon) to write a Thank You Note

Jimmy Fallon - Host of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon - we do not own this image, but thanks for allowing us to borrow it

“It’s been a busy week, and we’re a little behind… but it’s Friday. 

That’s normally the day where we catch up on some personal stuff…

…check our inbox… answer some emails… and…

…if it’s cool with you guys, we’d like to catch up on our ‘Thank You Notes’ for the week???

James… can we have a little thank you note writing music, please???

James Poyser - A talented musician and producer, plays music to accompany the "Thank You Notes" segment, on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon - we do not own this image, but thanks for allowing us to use it

Click above to get an interpretation of
James Poyser’s ‘Thank You Note’ music

THANK YOU!!!  Jimmy Fallon…

…for making writing ‘thank you notes’ a COOL thing to do, again!”


* Adjunct legal disclaimer:

It goes without saying that Haute Note doesn’t have ANY rights, to ANY of the Tonight Show images, music or intellectual property, and we hope that NBC and their outstanding legal team recognize that we are referencing them in the spirit of fun, and to acknowledge Jimmy Fallon’s hilarious “Thank You Notes” bit… and not actually trying to infringe, claim ownership or steal content.  This is the fine print… and WHAT fine print, it is!

You can find a link to the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon here, or visit their YouTube Channel to enjoy many videos of their ACTUAL ‘Thank You Notes’ segments.

You can see James Poyser, most weeknights, playing with The Roots.